Computer Repair And Periodic Maintenance

Hardware computer repair and periodic maintenance can not only be used to fix existing issues but can also help to prevent future problems from occurring. The methods for performing these actions include routine cleaning schedules and other ways of maintaining the systems. Keeping the parts in good shape will allow them to last for quite some time and help prevent untimely failures.
Internal components are known to last for a very long time if properly maintained and this means regular cleanings. Another way of maintaining a PC is keeping the hard drives defragmented by using the tools available in the operating system. Keeping the hard drive maintained will reduce the chances of it failing and causing repairs to be necessary.
Prior to performing any repairs remember to unplug the power from the system first before opening it. Memory is very easy to replace and can be done by following a few easy steps. To remove the memory press down on the clips on either end to release the module and pull it free, next take it to an electronics store to get a replacement.
If a hard drive decides to fail, removing it is a simple task and includes removing the wires and cables from the rear of the drive. Next remove the screws holding the drive in place by using a screw driver. Once the screws are removed the drive is ready to be removed, replacing it involves reversing the removal steps.

If the motherboard fails it is best to consult with a professional PC repair person before attempting it if the person does not have experience. When a faulty video card is involved the method for extraction includes determining the type of card that it is. If the slot is an AGP type the card is held in with a secondary clip at the rear of the card and pulling the clip or pushing it will release the card.
When fans fail, the procedure for replacement includes removing power from the fan before doing anything else. This is done by tracing the plug from the fan into the power supply and disconnecting the plug. When the power is disconnected, use a screw driver to remove the four screws holding it in place and reverse the process to install the new fan assembly.
Ensuring the system kept clean can make not only prolong its life cycle but it can also keep the system running smoothly. Setting a schedule to clean the case out at least one time a month with an air canister or air compressor is an ideal practice to keep. In addition to cleaning out dust and debris from the case it is recommended to run weekly virus scans and also run the defragment program that is standard in the operating system. This will ensure the operating system and hard drive stays healthy and will continue to work with minimal problems.
Keeping up to date on hardware Computer repair and periodic maintenance is sure to help the system stay running in top condition. A PC is like a car and requires routine checkups and routine steps to properly maintain the working parts. Putting time and effort into processes such as these will help the PC to continue running the best it can.

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