Social networking sites

Social networking sites can help you make friends with complete strangers. These sites also help people to connect with each other in the virtual world over the internet. Avatars and icons are aids that help people to connect with each other easily, through identification using specific symbols. Though people are a bit hesitant to interact with complete strangers you can make it work for you with a strong profile and pitch to attract the users of the site. While creating icons and avatars avoid using default icons of the community. Chances are that you would be getting lost in sea of icons, instead of standing out. Icons can come in any size. Some like to use the tiny ones while others would prefer the larger ones. The bigger the size the better, as it enhances visibility. Icons can also be temporarily used to reflect the seasons.
If you want to use real people you can use the photos of real people as icons as people like to have a second look at attractive faces. But do not go overboard and make the pictures too sexy. Perhaps you can consider using your own pictures instead of someone else s pictures. Then people can recognize you and it could be a good base for getting you publicity and recognition. If you are trying to get social on a site then people would able to better relate to a human face. There is nothing wrong in adding a face to your name. It will also encourage more people to click on your face and read your article. You can also use your company logo as an icon even if it is small in size as no one would think of squinting just to have a look at the icon.
Another great way to get people to click on your pictures is to use a funny or extremely interesting avatar. Create or find one that matches your personality, it can be super cool or absolutely weird or extremely humorous just to attract people. You can also post articles to major bookmarking sites. Then you can send a brief message to everyone you know on the social networking site requesting them to take a minute to support your site on the bookmarking site. You can also ask them to have their network also support you
People feel happy about any good things that you might tell especially about the articles they write. So leave some valuable comments and suggestions about the sites that you visit. Do not however be insincere as people do sense it. Your honest comments will definitely be appreciated and also drive traffic to your site.

Be creative, design your own avatar or just use any of the free icons provided on our site. To make the decision in finalizing your choice just try out an avatar and see the response you get. See if it can get you more friends and votes. Or maybe you can just ask others if you are not able to decide. You can also exercise the option of conducting a poll and ask others to choose for you. like Facebook and so on…..

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